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Unforgettable Lessons From 2016

Happy 2017!

Mehn! You can literally use a knife to cut the expectation in the air. It’s like that every January.

Even as a worship leader, I have observed that I don’t need to encourage people to worship God every January at thanksgiving services; I can sing off-key the whole worship session and the congregation will worship and graciously forgive me lol!

God Word encourages us to be expectant cos it is our expectation that will not be cut short.

There is also another thing God encourages us to do as we journey into another season, and that is to take inventory of our learned wisdom and knowledge along the way. CARRYING INTO the new year WISDOM GLEANED FROM THE LAST YEAR makes you a BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF. Like an upgraded version! You do many things you did last year, only you do it better. You have new and better improved features (Proverbs 3:13-14).

See, I used to be a “waiting-for-that-big-destination-where-I-go-BLOW” kinda-babe, until the Holy Spirit taught me a very important lesson: one I will try to summarize into one sentence: *hmmgh! Hmmgh! Clearing voice to sound like God* “Your journey to where I’m taking you is as important as your destination; many times more important. For my primary goal is not to make you rich or famous, but to make you more like ME. Every other thing is an addition to this”

(I thank God "Diva and rich" is shaa still by-product lol!)

Look all through the bible, where do we glean the most learn lessons from? Which stories speak loudest to us? It's the ones that tell of people’s processes through their journeys to becoming who God destined them to be.

It’s the same with us in our time, and will remain this way till the world ends. The Holy Spirit won’t school you through your ambitions list; He will school through your processes.

So I am excited to share with you my “process” through 2016; Wisdom nuggets from experiences God schooled me in- some were fresh lessons, some were reminders.

I’m hoping someone can learn a thing or two from my last year’s journey that they can practice in their new year. And while at it, go through my site and like a few of my pictures and songs too *I can’t help it, it IS my website lol*!


1. Yes, God is interested in your gifts. BUT much more interested in your fruits; in your LIGHT (Isaiah 60:3). What shines THE LIGHT for the world to see is not what you are "doing" but how you’re "being or becoming" like Christ. What will distinguish you in this present gross darkness is not your gifts but your fruits! (Matt 7:16-20)

2. You grow healthy fruits when you have healthy roots! If your relationship with God (your roots)is healthy, your fruits will be too.

3. You activate your faith more when you are in motion than when you're stagnant. Many times God will take over the wheels when you start the car and move. Start the car and REST in Him. He is in control of the wheels.

4. If you're not getting what you pray for the way you want it, it's not a sign that God is not with you. Many times He is. Trust in God, not in your faith prayers. REST in Him. Listen unbiased; He may be giving you a different instruction or direction.

5. Having the mind of Christ is not automatic. You transform to “think” more like Him the more you spend time with Him, and practice that which you learnt from His Word. (Romans 12:2)

6. Godliness is not acquired by anointing or by dressing. It is from consistent practice and training from the Word. (1 Timothy 4:7)

7. Contrary to what we mostly believe, your life is not just about your wants, needs and dreams. God is not Santa Claus “Ho! Ho! Ho!”. He doesn't exist solely to grant your wishes at your beck and call. You are but a small piece of a REALLY BIG picture too huge for your imagination to grasp. Yes God loves you, AND THE REST OF HUMANITY- EQUALLY! (Hebrews 11:39-40, John 3:16)

8. If you love God you will go out of your way to love people. Period! NO extra explanation tinz! (Mark 12:31)

9. Try not to judge a book by its cover. In this very “me-centered” generation, it’s hard not to- but try. Lots of people unattractive to you from the outside are actually vulnerable or beautiful on the inside. Life hardened their exterior. Commitment to love and prayer for them will break down any wall. Trust me. (1 Cor 13, 1 Pet 4:8)

10. To “love yourself” is not to put yourself before others. That's not what God means. To love yourself is to see yourself though God's eyes; that you are priceless and your salvation cost Him His Son. (Roman 5:8)

11. If you only help those who help you, what is that? Reach out to those who cannot repay you. And do this very often in many ways. (Luke 6:33-36)

12. Integrity may be scarce but it is still the inevitable way to God's irrevocable favor. He will give to His children who will represent Him well (ask Joseph or Daniel and his guys)

13. Financial security is not "the blessing"; it is only a part of it. Anybody can be rich. But not everybody can have "The joy of the Lord" Neh 8:10, "His peace that passes human understanding" Phil 4:7, and “Rest in the midst of a storm” Matt 11:28-30. They are exclusive to His children. There are a million things and a million situations money cannot buy or change. Only the currency of Grace can (Eph 2:8).

14. Walk with God; don't walk ahead of Him. God is not bound by time. Our understanding of the concept of time is fickle compared to The One who created it and yet is not ruled by it. He has your life's master plan in His hands. REST! Don't trust wholly on your goals and dreams; trust in His sovereignty (Proverbs 3:5, Rom 8:28)

15. And lastly, Judge yourself with sober judgment. You're not too big or too beautiful or too rich or too swag to serve and love people. Come off your high horse and take a good dose of humble pie. Contrary to what you feel, you are not indispensable at all. For everything you think only you can do, there are 10,000 more who can do it too, some even better and more willing, just ask “sulking” Elijah (1 Kings 19:14-18) or King Saul (1 Sam 15). You may not know it until you dramatically exit the scene or pass on, and then another “pezzin” comes on board. Voila! Life goes on. So in everything you do, ALWAYS give thanks to God for His mercy and grace He has bestowed upon you to do them.

I’m excited about the New Year, excited to learn more and grow more in every area of my life. There will be challenges and obstacles along the way, but as long as we hold steady and fast to His Word, we’ll be fine! We will get loads of “light-shining” opportunities…seize them ;)

Happy New Year and cheers to an upgraded better version of you!


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